Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaners – Advantages of Commercial Steamers

cleaning Dry Steaming

Steaming is basically non-chemical cleaning and when used regularly will greatly reduce the need to use chemical-based cleaners, which, of course, is a great thing. They are potent enough, though, to sanitize the carpets and upholstery, freshen the air in any room that gets cleaned, and allow crevices and similar hard to reach places to be effectively cleaned. And one of these are the Wagner Steamer. visit us now!

Commercial steamers differ from household steamers in a few features, primarily in size, sturdiness, steam pressures, and steam temperatures available, as well as in the variety of nozzles and other attachments. Let’s explore how these differences can help your cleaning efforts, regardless of whether you are in the professional cleaning business or whether you just want to see if using commercial steamers or heavy-duty steam cleaners could be of use in your home as well as a bathroom steam cleaner or to perform any other interior cleaning.

McCulloch MC-1275 Heavy-duty steam cleaners deserve a special mention among the household steam cleaner brand names. Besides their steam jets being potentially a tad dangerous and can cause burns if they come in contact with human skin, there are hardly any side effects. The water vapor is non-toxic, it dries off and leaves no harmful residue that you will need to breathe for days and weeks after the “cleaning” is done. check it more from https://tech.co/tersa-steam-the-keurig-dry-cleaning-2017-08

Why would you want to clean with steam? Let’s explore the advantages of heavy-duty cleaners:

Steam pressure and temperature: Commercial-grade steamers have an option to regulate the steam pressure and temperature setting. How can that help you at home? Well, think of higher pressure and temperature as a higher power that can help you clean more, faster. Sometimes, no matter how long you clean, a stain just won’t go away unless you approach it with more power and more force. Higher temperature and higher steam pressure will add that necessary force which will be able to remove the stain in an instant.

cleaning Dry SteamingVariety of nozzles, brushes, and other accessories available: You may be yawning at this point if you compare steam cleaners with your vacuum cleaner. You may have never used 90% of all brushes that came with your vacuum cleaner, so why would cleaning with steam with an industrial steam cleaner be any different? Well, the difference is quite visible and audible once you turn the steamer on. There is a lot more noise generated with the commercial grade steam cleaner and, more importantly, more cleaning power. And unlike with the vacuum cleaner, with a heavy-duty steam cleaner you will be able to see how changing nozzle to a narrower stream nozzle, for instance, will reduce the size and increase the reach of the steam jet. Try that with a regular vacuum!

Size and sturdiness: Heavy-duty cleaners such as McCulloch MC-1275 are larger than household steam cleaners. The advantage of the larger size is that you will be able to finish one job, which could include multiple rooms, with one tank of… well… water. Which means that you do not have to waste your time waiting on water to heat up again. Many canister steam cleaner types come with sturdy caster wheels that you will be able use to easily move the cleaner from room to room. At the same time, besides being bigger, industrial steam cleaners are also built to last longer. Instead of vulnerable plastic, their bodies are made of sturdy steel.

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